Privacy Statement

Our Privacy Principles guide our conduct in the collection, use, release, and security of personal and confidential information we obtain as part of our business of providing independent insurance claims adjusting, loss management services and risk management services. These principles define Pinnacle Adjusters Group Inc.’s commitment to the privacy and integrity of the information we accumulate, manage and store.

We recognize the importance of the protection and security of personal and confidential information. We are committed to protecting privacy rights and ensuring the accuracy of all information collected as part of our business.

We Collect Only Needed Information

Pinnacle Adjusters Group limits the collection, disclosure and use of information to only what is needed to properly administer our duties of independent claims services and/or to fulfil a legal or regulatory requirement. Information will be retained as required by local prescription dates or applicable state, provincial, or federal law, or longer if circumstances require.

Why Do We Collect Personal Information and What Do We Do With It?

We collect personal information for the purposes of, including, but not limited to:

1. Claims handling and adjusting, including investigation and payment of claims
2. Claims administration and reporting;
3. Detecting and preventing fraud;
4. Allowing our clients to properly manage risk;
5. Complying with the law; and
6. Claims services related business activities, including the marketing of new products/services.

Personal information may be collected only by employees of Pinnacle Adjusters Group or by any of our authorized representatives, agents, or attorneys. Access to information is limited to those who specifically need such information to conduct their business responsibilities.

Accuracy of Information

We are committed to the accuracy of all personal and other information collected. We use defined employee practices to ensure that information is processed promptly, accurately and completely.

Security of Information

Pinnacle Adjusters Group protects personal information through strict privacy procedures and standards. We provide training designed to educate employees about the requirements of our Privacy Principles. We have implemented appropriate technical and managerial procedures to maintain information that is accurate, current and complete. These controls provide for the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information throughout the course of its life span in compliance with these principles.

Our employees are directly responsible for maintaining the security, accuracy and integrity of information. Current employees are required to sign and acknowledge their adherence to these principles. Employees who violate these principles or other company policies and practices are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal. Employees are expected to report violations to their managers or other supervisors.

We make no warranties or endorsements regarding the security, content, accuracy or integrity of any web site that you may access via hyper-link through our official web site. Web sites linked to our web site are independent and have no affiliation with us. Pinnacle Adjusters Group has no control over the content of linked web sites and makes no representations regarding information contained therein. If you choose to visit linked web sites, take precautions to ensure your protection from viruses and other items of a destructive nature. Pinnacle Adjusters Group denies liability for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages, including but not limited to lost profits, business interruption, or loss of data or programs, related to the use of a hyper-linked web site or to the inappropriate use of our official Web site.

Any unprotected E-Mail communication over the Internet, as with communication via any other medium (e.g. cellular phones, post office mail) may be subject to interception, loss, or alteration. We are not responsible for damages related to an E-Mail sent by you to us or an E-Mail sent by Pinnacle Adjusters Group to you at your request.

We strive to protect the privacy of all personal and confidential information obtained in the course of our business practices. If you would like additional information, please contact our Corporate Privacy Officer at:

9030 Leslie Street, Suite 206
Richmond Hill, ON, L4B 1G2
Toll Free 1-888- 399-6333