Chris Gullison CIP
Senior Claims Adjuster

Chris has 18 years of claims adjusting experience as an Independent Adjuster as well as a staff adjuster for some of the country’s largest insurers. He compliments our team of professionals at Pinnacle Adjusters Group with his ability to handle and investigate Personal and Commercial Automobile Liability and Accident Benefits claims as well as Personal and Commercial Property and Liability claims.

Chris has been actively involved in representing various insurers at mediation and settlement conferences for more than 10 years. He is well versed in the Dispute Resolution Practice Code.

Chris is recognized by many insurers for his diligence in investigating fraudulent claims. He is regularly requested by clients to assist in the investigation of files they are concerned may be fraudulent.

Chris conducts thorough and comprehensive investigations. He provides our customers with all the necessary information to properly respond to and evaluate their exposures. His comprehension of the files he handles has earned him respect from our clients.

Chris holds Diplomas in Business and Insurance Law. He has achieved his CIP Designation and is an active member of the Ontario Insurance Adjusters, the CIP Society and the Insurance Institute of Ontario.
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